Trim Service

Trim helps define the architecture in any room in your home. It is a molding or millwork that is made to frame doors, windows, floors, walls and ceilings. We have years of experience installing trim throughout homes all over Utah. Our priority is to help turn your vision into a reality and a trim service might be just what you need to get there.

Sheet Rock Repair

Is your drywall damaged? Then you’re in need of a sheetrock repair. We have the necessary knowledge to follow all crucial sheetrock repair steps and give you a smooth drywall again. During the sheetrock repair process, we’ll remove the square with all damaged areas, create a drywall patch, apply a layer of joint compound, and finish it off with sanding and painting.

Small Sheet Rock

No matter the size of the damage on your drywall, we carry small sheer rocks to cater to event the smallest problems. No need to worry if you punctured a hole in your wall, we’ll patch it up like it never even happened. Don’t waste another minute, contact JDS Homes for fast sheetrock repairs.

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